A luxury villa is the perfect spot for a wedding or special event, and many of our Puerto Vallarta wedding villas offer the ideal space for celebrations and large gatherings. Each villa has its own unique setting, décor and architecture so that your destination wedding can be personalized to exactly what you are envisioning.  Whether you are looking for an extravagant affair or a small intimate gathering, we can find you the perfect villa to celebrate your special day.

Why Choose Puerto Vallarta for Your Destination Wedding?

Puerto Vallarta offers a unique mix of modern and traditional Mexico, which means that your wedding guests will never run out of fun activities or cultural landmarks to explore. From snorkeling in Banderas Bay to admiring local art along the Malecon, there’s something for everyone. When it’s time to say your “I dos”, you’ll also benefit from Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful scenery. Whether you choose a beachfront ceremony or something on the hillside with spectacular ocean views, there is something magical about having Puerto Vallarta as the setting.

Hosting Your Special Day at a Private Villa

Hosting your destination wedding at a private villa in Puerto Vallarta means that your luxury accommodations and your venue are all-in-one for added convenience. Along with the help of a wedding planner (which is often required to rent a villa for a wedding in Mexico), you’ll be provided with a more personalized and stress-free experience so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

Important Considerations

Some important points to consider when hosting your wedding at a Puerto Vallarta villa include:

  • The number of guests - Each of our Puerto Vallarta wedding venues varies in the number of people it can accommodate for the event itself, so it’s good to have an idea of how many guests you are expecting for the wedding and how many guests you would like to have stay at the villa. As the group size grows, keep in mind that this may limit the options.
  • Weather - Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta is mid-June to early November.  If you are planning an event during this time frame, keep in mind that you will want sufficient indoor space or an area amenable for a tent in case of rain.
  • Beach ceremonies - If you are considering a beachfront ceremony, remember that beaches in Mexico are considered federal land and are therefore not private.   Beach access may be more restrictive in some areas than others.
  • Minimum stay requirements - A handful of villas will allow for a one day event; however, most villas will have a minimum night stay requirement, typically 3 to 5 nights depending on the time of year.
  • Outside visitors - There may be restrictions regarding outside visitors at any time other than during the wedding event.  In order to have outside visitors (guests not sleeping in the villa), the villa owner or manager must grant permission and additional fees may apply.
  • Noise restrictions - Because most private villas are located in residential neighborhoods, there are noise restrictions at each villa, some as early as 11pm. This applies to entertainment, whether it be live music or DJ, and also to fireworks.
  • Event Fees - All of our villas charge an event fee for weddings, which is typically equivalent to one night's stay, however the fee can vary depending on the villa and the number of invited guests. The event fee is solely for use of the common area space for the wedding and does not include any additional amenities, such as decorations, catering, entertainment, furniture rentals, etc

Planning Your Villa Wedding with Agave Villas

With so many private villas in Puerto Vallarta available, it can be daunting trying to figure out which one works best for hosting your destination wedding. That’s where Agave Villas comes in. Our team of resident managers will use their extensive knowledge of the area to match you with a luxury villa that meets all of your requirements, including a list of recommended wedding planners (should the villa require one).

Let us get started finding your perfect Puerto Vallarta wedding villa today.  Please fill out our wedding inquiry form below and provide us with as many details as possible so that we can send you the best villa options for your special day!


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