How Safe is Punta Mita?

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Mexico is a popular destination for many tourists and travelers around the world, having an estimated 23.3 million visitors a year. From Los Cabos to Punta Mita, Mexico has scenic beaches, great food, and amazing culture that will entice anyone and make them want to visit the area. But just like in any other country, safety concerns among travelers considering a vacation in a country or area foreign to them are sure to arise. 

So how safe is Punta Mita Mexico? The short answer is Punta Mita is very safe for locals and tourists alike. As long as you stay in Punta Mita and do some research on which other areas are safe to visit, you shouldn’t be too worried about the security on your trip.

Is Safety a Concern in Punta Mita?

With the rampant news stories highlighting Mexico’s criminal activity and criminal organizations, it’s quite understandable that you’re worried about security when planning your Mexico City vacation. Though these stories can make anyone have second thoughts about visiting Mexico, these events happen in very isolated areas. In fact, around 95% of Mexican cities and neighborhoods have a lower crime rate than the United States. This includes the entire peninsula of Punta Mita

Punta Mita is a huge tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches and vibrant city center nightlife. With the crowds it draws, not only do the local government employees take necessary measures to ensure everyone's safety, but most establishments will also hire security and take safety precautions for an added layer of security. Overall, Punta Mita is a safe place to visit and doesn't pose any major threat to its visitors.

Advice on Travel Safety: How to Prepare for Your Punta Mita Trip

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Punta Mita is a very safe place to visit. But just like any other foreign country, you should take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and avoid falling prey as a tourist-target. Here are some things you can do to ensure your safety during your Punta Mita trip:

1)  Stay at a Trusted Hotel or Accommodation

Whether it be a luxury hotel, hotel chain, or Airbnb, it’s important to choose a hotel that has good reviews and prioritizes safety and sanitation. Punta Mita in general is a gated community, as developers intended it to be an exclusive luxury getaway especially for tourists. There are several hotels and private villas that are located in both Punta Mita’s gated community and residential communities that boost its security factor. 

Another thing to look for is an all-inclusive resort or hotel, as they’ll usually have their own transportation services to take you around Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, and other popular tourist destinations nearby. 

This is not only more convenient but may also help keep you safe from scams or other possible safety threats that come with public transportation in a foreign city. 

It’s good to note that you won't need to book accommodations in these gated communities to stay safe during your travels, as you could easily find a safe hotel or accommodation near Punta Mita and still feel the Mexican hospitality.

2)  Tone Down Your Outfit

Everyone wants to be dressed their best on vacation and post several outfits on social media. However, being too flashy might attract the attention of pickpockets or scam artists in Punta Mita and any other major tourist destination in the world. 

One of the most common travel tips out there is to blend in with the locals to avoid being targeted by tourist scams that are prominent in any major city. While you can still dress to impress on your Mexico trip, it might be best to keep the expensive watches and diamond earrings to a minimum. 

3) Cash Over Credit Cards

When traveling, there’s always the question of whether or not your credit card will be accepted in a foreign country. In Mexico, many businesses like restaurants and bars run on cash only and don't accept credit cards. For this reason, it’s a good idea to always have cash on hand before exploring the coastal city. 

While bigger establishments in Mexico and Punta Mita accept major credit cards and ATMs, you should be very particular as to where you use them. It's advisable to only withdraw cash from your debit or credit card in ATMs found in banks to prevent possible theft of your financials or fraudulent charges being made. 

Additionally, using an ATM in a bank can prevent any issues in retrieving your card in case it gets stuck inside the machine, as a standalone ATM could leave you with no money or card during your trip. 

4) Hire A Travel Planner

If you’re overwhelmed with the idea of planning your trip to Punta Mita to be safe and enjoyable, hiring travel planners may be the best solution for you. Not only will they have all the best travel tips when it comes to accommodations, flights, and activities, but any good travel planner will also be able to inform you of any travel restrictions, safety precautions and cultural do's and don'ts to ensure that your Punta De Mita trip goes off without a hitch.

Why Visit Punta Mita?

Three teenage boys wearing their wetsuits carrying their surfboards run into the sea on a sunny Summers day.

Now that Punta Mita’s safety and additional travel tips to ensure your safety in the area have been established, you may be asking “Is Punta Mita even worth visiting?”. The answer is yes. Even if you may need to take a few extra steps to ensure your utmost safety, the experience Punta Mita offers to all of its tourists is unbeatable. Here are some of the reasons to visit Punta Mita:

1) Surfers Paradise

If you’re a fan of surfing, Punta Mita is the place for you. Aside from the surrounding beaches and oceans where you can easily catch a wave any time of the day, the world-class surfer town of ​​Sayulita is literally only half an hour away. Named one of the best beaches in Mexico, Sayulita is definitely one of the best reasons to visit Punta Mita as a surfer. 

2) World Class Golf Courses

Aside from drawing in crowds of surfers, the golf courses in Punta Mita are also known to be some of the best in the world. Home to the largest natural island green, some of the most famous courses on the island are The Pacifico and The Bahia. If being surrounded by the ocean while playing an 18-hole course is your idea of the perfect vacation, go for Punta Mita. 

3) Home to Luxury Resorts

Don’t worry if surfing and golfing aren't your thing, as Punta Mita is home to some of the best luxury resorts in Mexico. For anyone wanting to take it slow and hang out on the beach front, Punta Mita resorts are perfect for you. With beaches all around, it’s likely for you to have an ocean view in your accommodation. 

Restrictions On Travel to Punta Mita

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1) Visa Restrictions

Depending on your point of origin, Mexico may not require you to have a visa. Instead you’ll need a Mexico Tourist Card which isn’t the equivalent of a Mexico tourist visa but will allow you to stay in the country for a maximum of 180 days.  

If you’re a citizen of any of these countries: Canada, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Peru, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and countries under Schengen, it's most likely that you’ll be exempt from needing a visa to enter and stay in Mexico for up to 6 months. 

If you plan to stay for an extended period of time or aren’t sure of your visa requirements, it would be best to contact your nearest travel agency to ensure you have all the necessary documents before flying out. 

2) Covid-19 Restrictions

Currently, all of Mexico doesn’t require any proof of vaccination or even a negative PCR test to enter the country. However, there are health screenings done at the airport that may require your temperature and other vitals to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID. 

While the local government of Mexico and Punta Mita may not require you to have a vaccination card or negative COVID-19 tests, it's possible that your hotel or accommodations will have a different set of rules. At the very least, they may require you to fill out a health declaration upon arrival or even require all guests to be vaccinated before arriving. 

Additionally, while Mexico's COVID-19 travel restrictions are more lenient than those of other travel destinations, this doesn't mean that local businesses will not have a different set of COVID-19 rules and regulations. It's very likely that an establishment will turn you away if you don't meet their COVID-19 guidelines, whether it be as simple as filling up a health declaration or showing proof of vaccination. 

Experience Luxury in Mexico’s Coast With Agave Villas

When it comes to visiting a foreign place like Punta Mita, safety is on everyone's mind. While a reasonable concern, it can be quite tedious to find a safe accommodation that fits all your wants and needs while during your vacation. That’s why Agave Villas Mexico has done all the searching for you. 

At Agave Villas Mexico, our team is on the constant lookout for premium and luxury accommodations for tourists and travelers all over Mexico. From Los Cabos to Puerto Vallarta as well as Punta Mita, we can connect you with the best luxury vacation rentals. Whether it be a private pool or a balcony overlooking the ocean, we can help you find a place with your exact wants and needs to make your vacation truly special. 

Contact Agave Villas Mexico and start planning your luxury Punta Mita experience today.

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